August Already?

Hi Everyone!

Here it is, our 8th┬ámonth into 2020 – and we still haven’t got rid of the terrible virus in our world, or surrounding atmosphere.

Like everything we do, TRY┬áto stay safe and help others. We must be abiding by the rules of the experienced and trained professionals, help others where possible, and most importantly: stay safe. Someone will make a vaccine and we will get back to our normal. I know it’s hard for everyone, as it is for Santa, Mrs Claus and the elves, to remember what to do each day to stay safe. We have posters around the north pole to remind us how to stay safe and do our best when we do have to shop or be near others. We also do our best to stay informed by watching the news, keeping up with Doctor and Scientist bulletins, you can find them on TV, Internet and the good old mail.

Remember, behind every dark cloud there will be a silver lining! That reminds me, you can always send us a letter! Send it to the North Pol, c/o Santa and the Elves, Postal Code: HOHOHO. Or, on the internet, you can send us a message with our contact form – and we are always glad to hear From you!

We’ve had to figure out a new and safe way for me to get to see you all in case the Pandemic is Still around. Also, to put special magic around the presents so the bad bug will not follow me or make anyone ill. We’re really hoping that this bad bug will be gone by then!

Well, it’s been nice talking to you all! But we’ve got chores to do and places to Go. So stay alert, be good and do your chores!

Bye for now,

Santa & Mrs. Claus

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