Oct 14 - Now’s the Time to Book Santa!

You’re making your list and checking it twice, making sure you have everything nice for your Christmas gathering… but have you booked Santa to come be part of it yet? Having a professional, real-beard Santa as part of your event will make it so memorable – and provide a great opportunity for special memories for photos with Santa too! We strive for a top-tier experience from a real-beard, through to a high quality suit and boots – all paired with fantastic and approachable attitude!

But, Christmas is getting closer and closer, and if you want to make sure to secure your top-tier Santa for your event, the more in advance of your event you book, the better! Santa would like to make sure your event is extra special by having the chance to attend, but there’s only so many place Santa can be at one time.

Not sure what Santa services would work for your event, or looking for great ideas? Contact us today and we’d be happy to tailor the experience to perfectly suit your event.

Ho Ho Ho! Wish you all efficiency and fun as you prepare for Christmas!

Love, Santa

Oct 13 - Fall…and then Christmas!

Hello Everyone!

Well, Halloween is coming up quick, then Remembrance Day and then just like that – CHRISTMAS!!

I can assure you, Santa is working hard to make sure when Christmastime approaches, we are all ready to do it safely and generously. There is so much to think about for both of these! For those that look forward to it, it’s the Season to give and to think of those that need our help; strangers, friends and our loved ones. Remember: it is better to give, than receive!

We at the North Pole are thinking of all these things as we prepare to move forward to the BIG Wonderful day, December 25,2020. But, before we do anything, we must do it with the thought in mind to do it safely as we want all to move ahead with a strong and safe attitude.  With all said, let’s move forward to this, and keep all we have said here in mind and enjoy this year the best way we can. We all look forward to the magical day and wonderful time.

Keep well, stay healthy!

Santa and his Helpers – HO HO HO!

Aug 04 - August Already?

Hi Everyone!

Here it is, our 8th month into 2020 – and we still haven’t got rid of the terrible virus in our world, or surrounding atmosphere.

Like everything we do, TRY to stay safe and help others. We must be abiding by the rules of the experienced and trained professionals, help others where possible, and most importantly: stay safe. Someone will make a vaccine and we will get back to our normal. I know it’s hard for everyone, as it is for Santa, Mrs Claus and the elves, to remember what to do each day to stay safe. We have posters around the north pole to remind us how to stay safe and do our best when we do have to shop or be near others. We also do our best to stay informed by watching the news, keeping up with Doctor and Scientist bulletins, you can find them on TV, Internet and the good old mail.

Remember, behind every dark cloud there will be a silver lining! That reminds me, you can always send us a letter! Send it to the North Pol, c/o Santa and the Elves, Postal Code: HOHOHO. Or, on the internet, you can send us a message with our contact form – and we are always glad to hear From you!

We’ve had to figure out a new and safe way for me to get to see you all in case the Pandemic is Still around. Also, to put special magic around the presents so the bad bug will not follow me or make anyone ill. We’re really hoping that this bad bug will be gone by then!

Well, it’s been nice talking to you all! But we’ve got chores to do and places to Go. So stay alert, be good and do your chores!

Bye for now,

Santa & Mrs. Claus

Jun 30 - Carrying On

Hi Boys and Girls, and of course the “big kids” (ahem, Adults!)

And how are you all doing? Well I know its been awhile since I last wrote to you all, but I’ve been busy keeping the elves up to date. They’re working on what to do to finish up with their school, chores, and overall checking all the areas outside our global area to make sure we all stay as safe as possible. We are working on helping those who need guidance on what direction to take to help others too, and make sure to look after themselves.

In some of our dark hours, when we wonder when we will get rid of this virus, this is really a time to hope and pray. Hope and pray that we will, with everyones help, all come to a good and safe ending for all. REMEMBER, If we aaaaaaaaalllll work together, it will come soon and all will END in a happy, loving way! But, it requires team work, prayers and good will FROM ALL!! REMEMBER, good things come to those who wait. NO ONE is an exception to the rule!

So, help each other, and as they say in some countries, keep a stiff upper lip and smile – because when you smile the whole world smiles with you!

Bye for now,

Santa, Mrs. Claus and our whole gang

Feb 12 - Hello 2020, and it’s Already February!

The old year is gone…where did time go so fast? It’s so hard to believe that we’re already well over a month into 2020.

Another shocking thing I experienced the other day, guess what I saw on TV? A big iceberg melting, my goodness! Just another example of why it’s so important that we all work hard to get our environment in better shape! As you know, where we are here at the North Pole is all snow and ice, so when changes like this become more and more serious it’s something we think about – it wouldn’t be any safer here!

We all have to look after Mother Earth. We need to work together no matter who you are. Even small changes can add up to big differences!

December sure had lots and lots of crazy weather too, very wet in the Northwest we saw as well. Our version sure led to some added difficulties for the reindeer and such, they sure got tired! But we all banded together as a team and got through it all!

But now that all that is in the past the elves can all focus more on their school work and chores. We also were able to check back in with the “Elf on the Shelf” teams to really lean about those slated for either the nice or naughty lists. So we hope you’re still working hard at being on the nice list!

Never a dull moment up here at the North Pole, is there? Hohoho!

Oh my goodness, I’ve got to go and get Mrs. Claus a Valentine Card and special gift and finish my plans for our nice evening together. What do you do for Valentines? Hope you have some special times!

Off I go now, talk to you later!


Sep 19 - Back to School – Halloween’s Around the Corner!

Hi Everyone!

Well I guess you’re all back in school and seeing all your friends just like the elves. I hope you all had a great summer and did a lot of different things, just like all of us!

So do you all like your teachers and school? What’s your favourite part of the day at school? Most of the elves like lunch and recess because it’s a good gathering time with friends to talk about how the day is going.

Guess what we are all looking forward to now? Yes! It’s Halloween! Lots of goodies and different costumes. What a fun time coming up! Have you all picked out or decided what you want to be? It sure is a fun time of the year and we all learn different things from it.

Well, it sure gets dark up here in the North pole really early now. So the elves have to work quickly on their chores and school work. Don’t forget to be good to others and do your chores too! You need to make sure you stay on the “Nice” List!

Bye now,

Santa and Mrs Claus

Jul 08 - Summer Break…But Still Lots to Do!

Hello Everyone!

My, the summer is moving right along quickly isn’t it? Our elves are getting caught up on their chores before they can do any vacation time – there is so much to do to make sure we are ready for Christmas!! Soon the mail will start, but we do know that Halloween comes before Christmas, so we must have some fun with that too.

So, I hope you all passed into your next grade and you will have a good summer! It would sure be a shame to be in Summer School, because you didn’t Get something right – but if so at least it’s an opportunity to make it better! Ho Ho!

Now that summer is getting hotter, we have to all remember to think about our campfires. We have been working with Smokie the Bear to help us do some park ranger work to keep our forests nice and safe; after all, the animals all need a safe home! So make sure you remember your fire-smarts!

Ah yes, there is never a dull moment up here. We also have our good helpers, our elves that venture out each year to be a part of the “Elf on the Shelf” team. They’re getting all their notebooks and supplies ready, so they can keep an EYE on everyone to make sure you are all doing your part to keep sharing and caring with and for others.

Oh my! There are the Reindeer calling me to the stables! So, got to go until next time.

Be good, be safe, and keep thinking of others!

Ho Ho Ho!


Apr 29 - End of School Year on the Horizon!

Hello Everyone!

Well here it is, May, and we are all enjoying School again. Just keep saying to yourself as you get closer to Grade 12, that I will soon be able to go out into the world like Mom and Dad. I’ll start my own adventure – and see if what I learned in school was of any help! If it was, as it surely will be believe it or not, where can I learn more to make my life goals easier?? Can I go on to bigger and better things?


You will learn quick about the things Mom and Dad helped you with and the things they told you. You will learn how right and wrong they may have been depending on the subject. Life is there for you to help and learn from others.

Now what can you do is the next thing you will need to ask yourself. What can I do to make things better for my family, the world, and me? Remember it’s not the knowledge you have, It’s how you use it!

Good luck and carry on! 


Apr 15 - Easter at the North Pole

Hello Everyone!

Do you know what’s coming up in just a few short days?? And who is coming to visit Santa and the elves??

Yes, that’s right, the Easter Bunny! We are all getting super excited and we’re ready to see our old friend. He’ll get to bounce right along through what little snow we have left here; our winter was late and short but we still got deep snow.

I wonder how many of his friends will come with him this year? As we always have a big party, and lots of Easter baskets! We have lots of candles around the outside area, a fantastic band of elves playing Easter songs and all the forest animals with their friends. They all come along and are very friendly with each other.

Also the Easter moon and stars are out, and the Northern Lights are just so beautiful! The party goes until we all have our Easter baskets and have had a chance to meet with all the wonderful people and animals that have made this a wonderful time. Then in the morning we all have a big breakfast together and then all the guests are on their way again.

So don’t forget to look North on that special time and maybe you will get to see the Easter Bunny coming Your way!



Mar 22 - Santa on Spring Break

Well hello everyone!

It’s now Spring Break, and we are all out to have some fun while our teachers at the North pole go and have a break. I guess they do it the same where you are.

We still have plenty of snow up here so most of us will still be out doing some of our winter sports, and some will be going on a winter hike. Also we have a few outdoor camp days where we also brush up on our winter activities. These activities help us get through the period of making new toys, and catching up on what is new in the electronics fields.

It’s crazy to think it won’t be long and we will all be moving up another grade in school and enjoying life as we get older. There sure has been lots of late snow in some areas, where you all live, as well as floods. But like everything else, we have to adjust to what comes in front of us, and make the best of it. We’re thinking of you all!

Well, we are off to spend a couple of happy days enjoying ourselves. Take care.

Santa and the Gang.