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Back to School – Halloween’s Around the Corner! - Sep 19, 2019

Hi Everyone! Well I guess you’re all back in school and seeing all your friends just like the elves. I hope you all had a great summer and did a lot of different things, just like all of us! So do you all like your teachers and school? What’s your favourite part of the day […]

Summer Break…But Still Lots to Do! - Jul 08, 2019

Hello Everyone! My, the summer is moving right along quickly isn’t it? Our elves are getting caught up on their chores before they can do any vacation time – there is so much to do to make sure we are ready for Christmas!! Soon the mail will start, but we do know that Halloween comes […]

End of School Year on the Horizon! - Apr 29, 2019

Hello Everyone! Well here it is, May, and we are all enjoying School again. Just keep saying to yourself as you get closer to Grade 12, that I will soon be able to go out into the world like Mom and Dad. I’ll start my own adventure – and see if what I learned in […]

Flashback Video – Dreaming of a White Christmas - Apr 15, 2015

We thought we’d share some Christmas nostalgia with you this month as we’re another quarter of the year away from Christmas – we need to keep Christmas on the mind! ┬áThis is a video that still makes us chuckle many years after it was created – we hope you get a chuckle out of it […]