Halloween Is Here – Christmas is Next!

Hi Everyone!

Well it’s getting closer to Christmas every day! WE SURE ARE BUSY at the North Pole! Some of you have already written a wish list to me, thank you!  Keep ’em comin’! I have a general idea of what gifts everyone wants at this time, but we’ll wait to see who changes their mind. Then we’ll get ready to fill the Santa bag with all the things that people have asked for.

When I take my Telescope and look all around at every city, town and community at this time I see it is Halloween. I say to our elves up here that I hope they are ready to have fun at the end of October with all their different costumes! We already have a lot of snow at the North pole too, so we’ll have to use our sleigh and snow skidoos to get around in – maybe even a few dog sleighs. Snow makes it really fun to get around up here, all kinds of fun ways to travel.

And don’t forget: watch for Elf on the Shelf soon!!

Well Mrs. Claus wants to go shopping for some winter supplies so we’d better get a move on and get big elf to hitch up the sleigh. So the next time you see me you had better have my chocolate chip cookies and milk out – and don’t forget some carrots for the reindeer!

Thanks Everyone!


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