Hello 2020, and it’s Already February!

The old year is gone…where did time go so fast? It’s so hard to believe that we’re already well over a month into 2020.

Another shocking thing I experienced the other day, guess what I saw on TV? A big iceberg melting, my goodness! Just another example of why it’s so important that we all work hard to get our environment in better shape! As you know, where we are here at the North Pole is all snow and ice, so when changes like this become more and more serious it’s something we think about – it wouldn’t be any safer here!

We all have to look after Mother Earth. We need to work together no matter who you are. Even small changes can add up to big differences!

December sure had lots and lots of crazy weather too, very wet in the Northwest we saw as well. Our version sure led to some added difficulties for the reindeer and such, they sure got tired! But we all banded together as a team and got through it all!

But now that all that is in the past the elves can all focus more on their school work and chores. We also were able to check back in with the “Elf on the Shelf” teams to really lean about those slated for either the nice or naughty lists. So we hope you’re still working hard at being on the nice list!

Never a dull moment up here at the North Pole, is there? Hohoho!

Oh my goodness, I’ve got to go and get Mrs. Claus a Valentine Card and special gift and finish my plans for our nice evening together. What do you do for Valentines? Hope you have some special times!

Off I go now, talk to you later!


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