Santa on Spring Break

Well hello everyone!

It’s now Spring Break, and we are all out to have some fun while our teachers at the North pole go and have a break. I guess they do it the same where you are.

We still have plenty of snow up here so most of us will still be out doing some of our winter sports, and some will be going on a winter hike. Also we have a few outdoor camp days where we also brush up on our winter activities. These activities help us get through the period of making new toys, and catching up on what is new in the electronics fields.

It’s crazy to think it won’t be long and we will all be moving up another grade in school and enjoying life as we get older. There sure has been lots of late snow in some areas, where you all live, as well as floods. But like everything else, we have to adjust to what comes in front of us, and make the best of it. We’re thinking of you all!

Well, we are off to spend a couple of happy days enjoying ourselves. Take care.

Santa and the Gang.

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