Fall…and then Christmas!

Hello Everyone!

Well, Halloween is coming up quick, then Remembrance Day and then just like that – CHRISTMAS!!

I can assure you, Santa is working hard to make sure when Christmastime approaches, we are all ready to do it safely and generously. There is so much to think about for both of these! For those that look forward to it, it’s the Season to give and to think of those that need our help; strangers, friends and our loved ones. Remember: it is better to give, than receive!

We at the North Pole are thinking of all these things as we prepare to move forward to the BIG Wonderful day, December 25,2020. But, before we do anything, we must do it with the thought in mind to do it safely as we want all to move ahead with a strong and safe attitude. ¬†With all said, let’s move forward to this, and keep all we have said here in mind and enjoy this year the best way we can. We all look forward to the magical day and wonderful time.

Keep well, stay healthy!

Santa and his Helpers – HO HO HO!

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