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Easter at the North Pole - Apr 15, 2019

Hello Everyone! Do you know what’s coming up in just a few short days?? And who is coming to visit Santa and the elves?? Yes, that’s right, the Easter Bunny! We are all getting super excited and we’re ready to see our old friend. He’ll get to bounce right along through what little snow we […]

Santa on Spring Break - Mar 22, 2019

Well hello everyone! It’s now Spring Break, and we are all out to have some fun while our teachers at the North pole go and have a break. I guess they do it the same where you are. We still have plenty of snow up here so most of us will still be out doing […]

October is here – Thanksgiving and Halloween are on the way! - Oct 01, 2018

Well hello everyone! It’s time to tell you how the elves are doing now that they are all settled in to school, chores and homework. We have the same things to do as you do where you live…well almost. We have snow at the North Pole now so that means more repairs on the barns […]

Bring on Summer Vacation! - Jul 16, 2018

Well here it is July 2018 already! I know a lot of you have been enjoying the weather and some fun travelling. Wow the new things you must have seen with your families and all the great things you must have tried!  Or maybe all the fun is still to come and you can’t wait […]

School’s Almost Out – We’re Getting To Work! - Jun 20, 2018

Hi Everyone! Now it’s that magic Month where everyone gets out of School for a rest and tries to go to their favourite places, or somewhere new. Everyone will come back at the beginning of school and tell their friends what a time away they had on their Summer vacation. We at the North Pole […]

Easter Bunny Helper - Mar 26, 2018

I wanted to share a little story about how we have fun at the North Pole with the Easter Bunny as we get ready for Easter! Well, when it comes around to Easter time, Mr. Easter Bunny and some of his helpers come to Santa’s house to see if the elves and I have some […]

Christmas is Passed, Here Comes Valentines Day! - Jan 17, 2018

Hi Kids! Just wanted to let you all know that Santa, the elves, and the reindeer, are all rested up and getting ready for Valentines Day. It was a great Christmas and we all worked really hard! We loved all the treats everyone left out for the reindeer and Santa; it sure helped me make […]

Halloween Is Here – Christmas is Next! - Oct 27, 2017

Hi Everyone! Well it’s getting closer to Christmas every day! WE SURE ARE BUSY at the North Pole! Some of you have already written a wish list to me, thank you!  Keep ’em comin’! I have a general idea of what gifts everyone wants at this time, but we’ll wait to see who changes their mind. […]

More than halfway through summer – Christmas prep is almost here! - Aug 14, 2017

Hello everyone, young and aging, It’s now August 2017, and we are moving ever closer towards the the magic month of December, 2017. WOW! just imagine…It’s about the middle of November, when everything starts to come into place. Santa, Mrs.Claus, the elves, and all the reindeer, getting prepared for the magical night of December 24th. We’ll […]

School is Almost Done for the Year! - Jun 01, 2017

Well everyone young and old, it’s now June 2017 and all the elves are looking forward to some time away from school so that they can get ready for Christmas. So, on our agenda we have soccer games, camping, nature tours and swimming lessons. I believe we have almost the same things here at the North Pole […]