Easter Bunny Helper

I wanted to share a little story about how we have fun at the North Pole with the Easter Bunny as we get ready for Easter!

Well, when it comes around to Easter time, Mr. Easter Bunny and some of his helpers come to Santa’s house to see if the elves and I have some time to help out a bit with Easter prep. The Easter Bunny and his team often reach out for help to go out early and plant the Easter eggs and other treats where ever they need them to go. He wants to make sure that all the children around the world will have a few Easter Eggs and treats to find on Easter morning.

Just like Christmas, it’s all about the Children and not about us!  It’s Called team work.  Just like when families stick together and make it all happen, no matter what we do it for or what the occasion is, we all work together to make it happen. Whats the old saying??? AHAAAAAAAAAAAA, I know! “ THE MORE THE MERRIER” – in anything that makes others happier. OR, we say, “Let A Little RAY of SUNSHINE into Your Heart.”

Well everyone, don’t forget on Easter morning: RISE and SHINE and look for your Easter eggs and treats! Don’t forget, it’s great family time!!


Santa and Mrs. Claus and the Elves

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