April is Autism Awareness Month

This is an important month; the month of April is Autism aware month. I feel that it is so important to really understand different things that effect different families, in their everyday life. As I’m trying to understand more and more things that go on in the world and with families, I’m glad that with the help of others, I can be apart of the learning process and of what makes the world turn in our everyday movement.

Everything in life that helps the world be a better place for all, is worth being a part of. As they say knowledge and experience makes life interesting and Challenging!  I challenge you to take some time to become aware of Autism – learn more about it so we can all be more naturally accepting of it.

Autism Speaks Canada

Want some more information?  There are so many great resources online and organizations to help those with Autism or those who want to understand it better.  You can visit Autism Speaks Canada for some great information.

Thank you!


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