School’s Almost Out – We’re Getting To Work!

Hi Everyone!

Now it’s that magic Month where everyone gets out of School for a rest and tries to go to their favourite places, or somewhere new. Everyone will come back at the beginning of school and tell their friends what a time away they had on their Summer vacation.

We at the North Pole take a shorter time as we have got to get ready for the magic time of Christmas as there is so much to prepare for! All the animals, the Workshop, getting the sleigh in tip-top shape to carry all the special toys and gifts in just a few short months and make sure that we’re prepared for the weather.

It’s been a nice cool start to summer up here, so glad we did not get any heat waves! I hope all was well for all of you and your families, and I know the next fun holiday coming up will be when you start getting ready for Halloween!

Well it’s lunch time for me and I’ve got to help Mrs. Claus Make the Cookies…

Ho Ho Ho!


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