Bring on Summer Vacation!

Well here it is July 2018 already! I know a lot of you have been enjoying the weather and some fun travelling. Wow the new things you must have seen with your families and all the great things you must have tried!  Or maybe all the fun is still to come and you can’t wait until that special trip or vacation time. That’s the good part about Summer.

The cautious parts are making sure you have your sunscreen and some sunglasses and a hat. Just like in winter, we have to be prepared for the the good and bad things that the different seasons can bring to us and affect our everyday life.

Now just think as we get older we have so much to remember as we go through our everyday routines. We also have to guide the animals along to make sure they are safe from any danger or harm. Well thinking ahead a bit and knowing that every month and season brings on something new to the environment, which we must also look after, it makes for interesting times and new looks on life. Every time I look through my telescope and see what new things people are making, I wonder if they will ever make a car that will fly? Ho Ho Ho!

Well the other side of that coin, as they say, we look at the medical part where they are helping seniors be in better health and live a little bit longer and be healthier. Isn’t that a grand and wonderful thing?   Health and happiness over a flying car wins for me!

Well back to the workshop; as believe it or not I have a couple of letters to answer already!

Until August, Bye Bye,


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