October is here – Thanksgiving and Halloween are on the way!

Well hello everyone!

It’s time to tell you how the elves are doing now that they are all settled in to school, chores and homework. We have the same things to do as you do where you live…well almost. We have snow at the North Pole now so that means more repairs on the barns for all the animals, and making sure all the pathways are clear so we can get from one area to the next safely. Also we have to make sure the transport equipment is in good order to haul wood, plow the sidewalks and the roads – because we can’t have the reindeer flying all the time! We need to save their strength for pulling the shopping sleigh for Mrs. Claus, and for the short run sleigh trips to check and see if you’re all being good!

AHHHHHHHHHHH yes! Let’s not forget all the Thanksgiving and Halloween Decorations around the Farm! And of course all the costumes to get ready – it’s the month of October: time for¬†family fun!¬† Hey, talking about fun, I hope you’re thinking about what you want to put on your list for me!

HO HO HO! See you soon!


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