Christmas is Passed, Here Comes Valentines Day!

Hi Kids!

Just wanted to let you all know that Santa, the elves, and the reindeer, are all rested up and getting ready for Valentines Day. It was a great Christmas and we all worked really hard! We loved all the treats everyone left out for the reindeer and Santa; it sure helped me make it through that special night. Remember, Christmas is real team work.

Now we have to get back to reality of work, school, chores and being one big happy family. The winter weather was a little bit easier on Santa and the reindeer for travelling, thanks to Frosty and Mr. Wind.

Hope everyone is happy with their Christmas gifts and don’t forget – it’s not all about what you got it’s the thought of giving. Ho Ho Hoooooooooooo!

Don’t forget you can send me a letter anytime! Time for bed for me!

Goodnight All!

Santa and Family.

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