Easter at the North Pole

Hello Everyone!

Do you know what’s coming up in just a few short days?? And who is coming to visit Santa and the elves??

Yes, that’s right, the Easter Bunny! We are all getting super excited and we’re ready to see our old friend. He’ll get to bounce right along through what little snow we have left here; our winter was late and short but we still got deep snow.

I wonder how many of his friends will come with him this year? As we always have a big party, and lots of Easter baskets! We have lots of candles around the outside area, a fantastic band of elves playing Easter songs and all the forest animals with their friends. They all come along and are very friendly with each other.

Also the Easter moon and stars are out, and the Northern Lights are just so beautiful! The party goes until we all have our Easter baskets and have had a chance to meet with all the wonderful people and animals that have made this a wonderful time. Then in the morning we all have a big breakfast together and then all the guests are on their way again.

So don’t forget to look North on that special time and maybe you will get to see the Easter Bunny coming Your way!



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