End of School Year on the Horizon!

Hello Everyone!

Well here it is, May, and we are all enjoying School again. Just keep saying to yourself as you get closer to Grade 12, that I will soon be able to go out into the world like Mom and Dad. I’ll start my own adventure – and see if what I learned in school was of any help! If it was, as it surely will be believe it or not, where can I learn more to make my life goals easier?? Can I go on to bigger and better things?


You will learn quick about the things Mom and Dad helped you with and the things they told you. You will learn how right and wrong they may have been depending on the subject. Life is there for you to help and learn from others.

Now what can you do is the next thing you will need to ask yourself. What can I do to make things better for my family, the world, and me? Remember it’s not the knowledge you have, It’s how you use it!

Good luck and carry on! 


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