Summer Break…But Still Lots to Do!

Hello Everyone!

My, the summer is moving right along quickly isn’t it? Our elves are getting caught up on their chores before they can do any vacation time – there is so much to do to make sure we are ready for Christmas!! Soon the mail will start, but we do know that Halloween comes before Christmas, so we must have some fun with that too.

So, I hope you all passed into your next grade and you will have a good summer! It would sure be a shame to be in Summer School, because you didn’t Get something right – but if so at least it’s an opportunity to make it better! Ho Ho!

Now that summer is getting hotter, we have to all remember to think about our campfires. We have been working with Smokie the Bear to help us do some park ranger work to keep our forests nice and safe; after all, the animals all need a safe home! So make sure you remember your fire-smarts!

Ah yes, there is never a dull moment up here. We also have our good helpers, our elves that venture out each year to be a part of the “Elf on the Shelf” team. They’re getting all their notebooks and supplies ready, so they can keep an EYE on everyone to make sure you are all doing your part to keep sharing and caring with and for others.

Oh my! There are the Reindeer calling me to the stables! So, got to go until next time.

Be good, be safe, and keep thinking of others!

Ho Ho Ho!


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