Back to School – Halloween’s Around the Corner!

Hi Everyone!

Well I guess you’re all back in school and seeing all your friends just like the elves. I hope you all had a great summer and did a lot of different things, just like all of us!

So do you all like your teachers and school? What’s your favourite part of the day at school? Most of the elves like lunch and recess because it’s a good gathering time with friends to talk about how the day is going.

Guess what we are all looking forward to now? Yes! It’s Halloween! Lots of goodies and different costumes. What a fun time coming up! Have you all picked out or decided what you want to be? It sure is a fun time of the year and we all learn different things from it.

Well, it sure gets dark up here in the North pole really early now. So the elves have to work quickly on their chores and school work. Don’t forget to be good to others and do your chores too! You need to make sure you stay on the “Nice” List!

Bye now,

Santa and Mrs Claus

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