School is Almost Done for the Year!

Well everyone young and old, it’s now June 2017 and all the elves are looking forward to some time away from school so that they can get ready for Christmas. So, on our agenda we have soccer games, camping, nature tours and swimming lessons. I believe we have almost the same things here at the North Pole as you do in your city and town. So all the elves are working hard at finishing their school work so by the end of June they will be ready to have some fun here just like you do there.

Our weather here is not as hot as your summer weather, but we can still play the same games that I told you about! But don’t you worry, the elves still have their chores to do even when they are out of school to make sure we’re ready for Christmas! We have quite a few new Elf-on-the-Shelf recruits this summer to help us for the Christmas months of November and December. We have to schedule them an area to watch and they will go through a training program soon.

Yes, we always have fun things going on so that work and play always seem like we are having a good time. We also have to train the new baby deer to know what to do on the ground and in the air – very important training for them to be ready to help Santa or Mrs. Claus! Oh my there is so much to do and I can Hear Mrs Claus calling us for supper now so have a wonderful summer, and we’ll talk in August.

Santa, Mrs. Claus, and all the elves

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