Easter Reflections

Well everyone, here it is April, and (almost) everyone is getting ready for our friend, the Easter Bunny. The elves and I are making places for the Easter Bunny to hide his eggs when he comes here.  Hopefully all the snow should be gone by that time, and we can get on with Spring, and all the new Chores the warmer weather brings.

As you know it was a real heavy year of cool with lots and lots of snow. Well, we all know that snow makes water, and water helps things grow.  So we’re tending to our gardens, and keeping all the food for the reindeer growing well.  We have to make sure that we grow enough for them for the whole year in our short growing season!  Lots of grasses, nuts, berries and various vegetables.  A healthy diet to keep them strong for their hard work over Christmas.

So Lets make sure you are all getting ready for the Easter Bunny, with all your friends! Remember this is a time to make new friends and have fun. It is also a religious time that is an important time in our lives as we grow up and learn more about our journey in life. Remember, we are never to learn about life, or our Road ahead.

Ho Ho Ho!


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