Santa’s turn for a vacation – rejuvenating!

Hello Everyone!

Here Comes Santa VacationIt was a busy season, and Elf on the Shelf has still been really busy checking all the houses and people to make sure all is well and that we remember that Christmas is all about Families, and loving those close to us.

Now that everyone is back in school it’s time for our break! We look forward to having time to look at all that is around us and be glad to start the new year, with a positive look, and have it be a wonderful New Year.

I want to tell everyone that Santa and Mrs Claus are going to take a holiday, and Have a good time with all the Elves and see new things of interest. this relaxation will help rejuvenate us and help us get in the mood to start our Journey into the 2016 Christmas seasons, as there is so much to do!

See U all soon! Bye for now.


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