School is Just Around the Corner!

Hey everyone this is Santa and I’m just letting you know that Summer is coming to an end and School is just around the corner! Time for you to go and meet your new Teacher, and Just like Santa and the Elves, make new friends.

I hope That You All, Like Santa And the Elves, have had a great time doing different things and going different places on your School break. Now we all have to settle down to getting our chores done, going to school and helping our good neighbours. Yes we are all back to new, regular, and helpful things.

Now’s the time to think ahead to thanksgiving, Halloween, and then ME! SANTA! And ALL the good time these things bring! Ho Ho Ho! Did you know the day time starts to get shorter now, the sun is setting earlier each day, and we are getting closer and closer to the end of the calendar year. Before you know it we’ll be making our lists and re-teaching our pets to walk in the rain, cold and fog. Don’t forget to look after them by doing all the things to keep them safe, warm, and let them know you love them! Taking good care of your pets is one of the many things that you can do to stay on my “good” list!

Well I’ve got to make out my own lists – lists of working with the Elves, helping teach elf school, showing them what good toys they have to work on, making sure they dress and are at school on time too. Yes BOYS and GIRLS, there is always so much to do here, all year round.  The elves have to go to school too!

So remember, let’s be good to all and do our best when we do something, for ourselves or others. Oh here comes Mrs. Claus, got to go and help!

Bye for now,


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