In the Home Stretch – Christmas is Soon!

Just wanted to let everyone know, that santa is checking all his lists that have been mailed to him already.  He’s sending them off to the right departments so the elves can start helping Santa get his big red bag full of all the toys.

We’re also all working hard to train up the reindeer and get them ready for the big night. We have to get their flying power antlers sharpened up and properly shaped to adjust to the wind so they fly in the right direction. The reindeer also have to start their diet of the correct foods so their fur is the right shape and weight to move through the air at the correct speed. Also their harnesses have to be shaped and proper reins put on to work with Santa’s directions.

Working on the reindeer is only a part of it. While we’re getting them ready we have to check out all the landing gear on the sleigh, so we get the proper balance for our many stops. Having the sleigh in tip-top shape and all the rest of the gear we need for delivery night takes a lot of work and planning. There is so much to do to keep all the people happy at Christmas, that we seem to have something to do all year long!

The last thing we do is to check with Mr. Wind, Mr. Snow, to make sure they are helping give us the extra power when we need it.  Not only do our elves and team work together but we have to check with the outside important people too.

So kids, keep those lists coming in the mail and we should be ready to go on time!

Time to get back to work—I just remembered where I put an important tool from last year we need to adjust the reins for the reindeers!



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