Fall Is Almost Here!

Well here it is, September, and Rudolf and I have to train the newborn Reindeer to pull the work sleighs and the main sleigh in the snow and through the trails. We also have to make sure they are eating the right foods to keep up their strength. We have to make sure they know where to sleep in the barns, and listen to their mom and dad when they are told what to do to help around the yard and at Christmas.

Next Santa and Mrs. Claus have to check on the Elves and make sure they are doing their chores. The Elves also have to get their materials ready at their work benches to build all the new toys everyone wants. They also have to check their lists and get ready for Santa to load his big red bag to put in the sleigh.

Don’t forget everyone, we all have check lists in our life to make sure we stay off the bad list and get done what is important to our family and friends, and you!

I’ve got to go now as their are things to do and places to go to get material we need to keep warm for the winter.

Start writing those lists!


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