Santa in the Summer

To all those Santa sees every year,

My goodness, it’s August 2015 and Mrs. Claus and I have been so busy!

Elf on the shelf is starting to plan his route to where he is going to go and what kids he will be checking on.

Well Gang, just a note to let you know what we have been doing at our workshop over the months since last Christmas…

First of all we had 5 new baby reindeer added to our stables. Next, we have been working on the toys I picked up from your houses for recycling to other children who like those kind. As well all the Elves have been busy getting material for this years’ toys, so when you send me your Christmas lists we can start building what you would like me to bring you. Don’t forget ALWAYS have at least 2 things, that you would like, as life is full of choices!

Don’t forget Santa and Christmas is about giving and helping others. Remember family and friends are always important – year long!!

Got to go now and get my many chores done…

Ho Ho Ho, and see you soon!


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