Thanksgiving, Halloween and Remembrance Day – Oh my!

Hi Everyone!

Well here we go again, Thanksgiving is this weekend, and we’re also getting closer to Remembrance Day, a very important day in our history. BUT before Remembrance Day we have Halloween, a scary but fun time!! Candy, Costumes, and fire works to light up the sky. OH OH, we must remember to always be with our Mom, Dad, or an older family member in order to be safe and have a good time. Try not to worry about the scary stuff and enjoy the fun…and of course the candy!

Then when Halloween is done we are on to Christmas, the fun time for both young and Old! It’s a time of giving from the heart, as well as making special things that mean something to others. Remember in order for Santa to come in his Sleigh, he must first be in your heart. ¬†You must believe in all the good things Santa stands for, and the all the good things he does to make people of all ages Happy.

Oh, are the elves ever busy with all these important holidays and getting ready for Christmas! Remember, you can send Santa a Christmas list any time, for you or for others!

Anyway everyone, time to get back to my chores. So be good and we’ll start seeing you in about 60 days as we Start the Christmas FUN! Don’t forget to visit me if you can when I’m in town!

Good bye for now,


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