Apr 04 - Easter Reflections

Well everyone, here it is April, and (almost) everyone is getting ready for our friend, the Easter Bunny. The elves and I are making places for the Easter Bunny to hide his eggs when he comes here.  Hopefully all the snow should be gone by that time, and we can get on with Spring, and all the new Chores the warmer weather brings.

As you know it was a real heavy year of cool with lots and lots of snow. Well, we all know that snow makes water, and water helps things grow.  So we’re tending to our gardens, and keeping all the food for the reindeer growing well.  We have to make sure that we grow enough for them for the whole year in our short growing season!  Lots of grasses, nuts, berries and various vegetables.  A healthy diet to keep them strong for their hard work over Christmas.

So Lets make sure you are all getting ready for the Easter Bunny, with all your friends! Remember this is a time to make new friends and have fun. It is also a religious time that is an important time in our lives as we grow up and learn more about our journey in life. Remember, we are never to learn about life, or our Road ahead.

Ho Ho Ho!


Mar 07 - Santa update nearing Easter

Hello everyone,

Santa here, saying I hope all is well after your wonderful Christmas and Valentines Day. We at the North Pole have been busy getting everyone’s information on what they thought of last years toys and how we got them all delivered. The “Elf on the Shelf” team has been busy turning in their reports on what they all saw and heard from all the places they visited. It’s great to learn from them all that they were able to hear from all the children about what they had to say in regards to the gifts they wanted and received. They even had lots to share about the Moms, Dads, and Grandparents on how they Did at Christmas! Yes, everyone is important to Santa, Mrs. Claus and all the elves. And of course don’t forget you can drop us a letter anytime.

Just think, my friend the Easter Bunny will be coming soon! So lets get ready to do the Easter Egg Hunt and have lots of fun. Always remember, you are never too old to act young at heart and join in on the simple enjoyments of life!

Anyhow, all the elves are now doing their chores and going to school. They are also getting lots of play time in; hockey outside at our fun outdoor rink, and basketball in our gym here.  The exercise keeps us all happy and healthy so we can get all the work done we need to. Thinking about work…I have some chores coming up myself! Santa has got to get his book out and see what’s going on this year. I need to make sure the reindeer are being looked after so they will be strong and healthy when they need to pull my sleigh. I need them to make sure I can get all the supplies to build this year’s toys!

I should probably head off and do that now while it’s top of mind!

Have a great time this Easter everyone!

Talk to you later,


Oct 04 - Halloween soon – and Christmas just around the corner!

Hello Everyone!

Well here it is October already, and Halloween is on the way. So like everyone else, the elves have to get their costumes and get into the spirit of having a scary good time. Some of the older elves will be Taking their turn and giving out treats to the ghosts that knock at the door. But, before they can have fun trick-or-treating, or other Halloween celebrations, they have to take care of their chores – and then they can party.

We have Snow up at the North Pole now so we use snow shoes, skis and sleighs to get around. But don’t worry, we don’t have fireworks, as we don’t want any one to get hurt! But we have the next best thing –  the Northern Lights. It’s really beautiful and an even better show than fireworks!  They flash and move all around us, it’s so great to see them dancing in the sky. you can learn about them by looking them up on your computer.

Also, don’t forget to have your parents check your Halloween loot (All the yummy candies, and cool items) for spoils or whatever.

Oh my goodness there is so much to do!  And you know the big day is coming near??  Christmas Day is coming up fast! HA HA HO HO. You can start sending your lists anytime and let me know what is your favorite, and means the most to you, as you get 3 important choices, to help Santa deliver what he has for you.

See you soon!


Sep 01 - School is Just Around the Corner!

Hey everyone this is Santa and I’m just letting you know that Summer is coming to an end and School is just around the corner! Time for you to go and meet your new Teacher, and Just like Santa and the Elves, make new friends.

I hope That You All, Like Santa And the Elves, have had a great time doing different things and going different places on your School break. Now we all have to settle down to getting our chores done, going to school and helping our good neighbours. Yes we are all back to new, regular, and helpful things.

Now’s the time to think ahead to thanksgiving, Halloween, and then ME! SANTA! And ALL the good time these things bring! Ho Ho Ho! Did you know the day time starts to get shorter now, the sun is setting earlier each day, and we are getting closer and closer to the end of the calendar year. Before you know it we’ll be making our lists and re-teaching our pets to walk in the rain, cold and fog. Don’t forget to look after them by doing all the things to keep them safe, warm, and let them know you love them! Taking good care of your pets is one of the many things that you can do to stay on my “good” list!

Well I’ve got to make out my own lists – lists of working with the Elves, helping teach elf school, showing them what good toys they have to work on, making sure they dress and are at school on time too. Yes BOYS and GIRLS, there is always so much to do here, all year round.  The elves have to go to school too!

So remember, let’s be good to all and do our best when we do something, for ourselves or others. Oh here comes Mrs. Claus, got to go and help!

Bye for now,


Jun 14 - Summer vacation is almost here!

Hello Everyone!

Just a quick note From Santa and Mrs. Claus as we get into summer.

The Elves are finishing off their school projects and getting ready for their exams, just like you’re all doing too I hope!

After they finish their exams and have studied hard, we let them have 2 weeks of free time, and then it’s right back to chores.  Chores like feeding the reindeer, growing more food supplies, fixing up the stables and barn.  Mrs. Claus and I make a list of all the supplies we’ll need to keep going until October, so we can get ready for Christmas – which you know is the busiest time for us I’m sure!

Well enough talk, time for more work – especially with the break upcoming for the elves!

Until next time,

Santa and Mrs Claus

May 20 - Santa’s Friends

Being Santa you get to meet lots of cool people, and we’ve made some great friends over the years!  We thought we would share some photos one of our friends sent to us the other day.  Our friend Darren, ahem, “Elvis”, sings some great music and is currently working out of Hawaii for about 5 years.  So some great music and certainly a great location!

Santa's Friend Elvis Santa's Friend Elvis
Santa's Friend Elvis Santa's Friend Elvis

So “Elvis” is keeping busy down in one of his favorite places – and we’re now back from vacation which was an amazing time and starting to ramp things up to get ready for our busy time of year again!

Finished relaxing and tanning and now it’s back to work!


Apr 20 - Santa’s turn for a vacation – rejuvenating!

Hello Everyone!

Here Comes Santa VacationIt was a busy season, and Elf on the Shelf has still been really busy checking all the houses and people to make sure all is well and that we remember that Christmas is all about Families, and loving those close to us.

Now that everyone is back in school it’s time for our break! We look forward to having time to look at all that is around us and be glad to start the new year, with a positive look, and have it be a wonderful New Year.

I want to tell everyone that Santa and Mrs Claus are going to take a holiday, and Have a good time with all the Elves and see new things of interest. this relaxation will help rejuvenate us and help us get in the mood to start our Journey into the 2016 Christmas seasons, as there is so much to do!

See U all soon! Bye for now.


Mar 22 - Missing Elf

Have you ever had one of those days?  Well Santa has them too!  Perhaps it’s time to start working away on all those toys for Christmas and shave off some of the extra pounds from all of the yummy Christmas cookies…

Missing Elf

I’m already excited about Christmas 2016, I hope you are too!

Yours truly,


Oct 27 - In the Home Stretch – Christmas is Soon!

Just wanted to let everyone know, that santa is checking all his lists that have been mailed to him already.  He’s sending them off to the right departments so the elves can start helping Santa get his big red bag full of all the toys.

We’re also all working hard to train up the reindeer and get them ready for the big night. We have to get their flying power antlers sharpened up and properly shaped to adjust to the wind so they fly in the right direction. The reindeer also have to start their diet of the correct foods so their fur is the right shape and weight to move through the air at the correct speed. Also their harnesses have to be shaped and proper reins put on to work with Santa’s directions.

Working on the reindeer is only a part of it. While we’re getting them ready we have to check out all the landing gear on the sleigh, so we get the proper balance for our many stops. Having the sleigh in tip-top shape and all the rest of the gear we need for delivery night takes a lot of work and planning. There is so much to do to keep all the people happy at Christmas, that we seem to have something to do all year long!

The last thing we do is to check with Mr. Wind, Mr. Snow, to make sure they are helping give us the extra power when we need it.  Not only do our elves and team work together but we have to check with the outside important people too.

So kids, keep those lists coming in the mail and we should be ready to go on time!

Time to get back to work—I just remembered where I put an important tool from last year we need to adjust the reins for the reindeers!



Sep 14 - Fall Is Almost Here!

Well here it is, September, and Rudolf and I have to train the newborn Reindeer to pull the work sleighs and the main sleigh in the snow and through the trails. We also have to make sure they are eating the right foods to keep up their strength. We have to make sure they know where to sleep in the barns, and listen to their mom and dad when they are told what to do to help around the yard and at Christmas.

Next Santa and Mrs. Claus have to check on the Elves and make sure they are doing their chores. The Elves also have to get their materials ready at their work benches to build all the new toys everyone wants. They also have to check their lists and get ready for Santa to load his big red bag to put in the sleigh.

Don’t forget everyone, we all have check lists in our life to make sure we stay off the bad list and get done what is important to our family and friends, and you!

I’ve got to go now as their are things to do and places to go to get material we need to keep warm for the winter.

Start writing those lists!