Nov 27 - Santa Shows How to Help Out the Postal Workers

Amidst the postal strike we share some timely humour!

Merry Christmas to all – postal worker or otherwise!  May your season be bright and your packages not delayed too much!

All the best for a great Holiday – Ho Ho Ho!


Oct 01 - October is here – Thanksgiving and Halloween are on the way!

Well hello everyone!

It’s time to tell you how the elves are doing now that they are all settled in to school, chores and homework. We have the same things to do as you do where you live…well almost. We have snow at the North Pole now so that means more repairs on the barns for all the animals, and making sure all the pathways are clear so we can get from one area to the next safely. Also we have to make sure the transport equipment is in good order to haul wood, plow the sidewalks and the roads – because we can’t have the reindeer flying all the time! We need to save their strength for pulling the shopping sleigh for Mrs. Claus, and for the short run sleigh trips to check and see if you’re all being good!

AHHHHHHHHHHH yes! Let’s not forget all the Thanksgiving and Halloween Decorations around the Farm! And of course all the costumes to get ready – it’s the month of October: time for family fun!  Hey, talking about fun, I hope you’re thinking about what you want to put on your list for me!

HO HO HO! See you soon!


Jul 16 - Bring on Summer Vacation!

Well here it is July 2018 already! I know a lot of you have been enjoying the weather and some fun travelling. Wow the new things you must have seen with your families and all the great things you must have tried!  Or maybe all the fun is still to come and you can’t wait until that special trip or vacation time. That’s the good part about Summer.

The cautious parts are making sure you have your sunscreen and some sunglasses and a hat. Just like in winter, we have to be prepared for the the good and bad things that the different seasons can bring to us and affect our everyday life.

Now just think as we get older we have so much to remember as we go through our everyday routines. We also have to guide the animals along to make sure they are safe from any danger or harm. Well thinking ahead a bit and knowing that every month and season brings on something new to the environment, which we must also look after, it makes for interesting times and new looks on life. Every time I look through my telescope and see what new things people are making, I wonder if they will ever make a car that will fly? Ho Ho Ho!

Well the other side of that coin, as they say, we look at the medical part where they are helping seniors be in better health and live a little bit longer and be healthier. Isn’t that a grand and wonderful thing?   Health and happiness over a flying car wins for me!

Well back to the workshop; as believe it or not I have a couple of letters to answer already!

Until August, Bye Bye,


Jun 20 - School’s Almost Out – We’re Getting To Work!

Hi Everyone!

Now it’s that magic Month where everyone gets out of School for a rest and tries to go to their favourite places, or somewhere new. Everyone will come back at the beginning of school and tell their friends what a time away they had on their Summer vacation.

We at the North Pole take a shorter time as we have got to get ready for the magic time of Christmas as there is so much to prepare for! All the animals, the Workshop, getting the sleigh in tip-top shape to carry all the special toys and gifts in just a few short months and make sure that we’re prepared for the weather.

It’s been a nice cool start to summer up here, so glad we did not get any heat waves! I hope all was well for all of you and your families, and I know the next fun holiday coming up will be when you start getting ready for Halloween!

Well it’s lunch time for me and I’ve got to help Mrs. Claus Make the Cookies…

Ho Ho Ho!


Apr 11 - April is Autism Awareness Month

This is an important month; the month of April is Autism aware month. I feel that it is so important to really understand different things that effect different families, in their everyday life. As I’m trying to understand more and more things that go on in the world and with families, I’m glad that with the help of others, I can be apart of the learning process and of what makes the world turn in our everyday movement.

Everything in life that helps the world be a better place for all, is worth being a part of. As they say knowledge and experience makes life interesting and Challenging!  I challenge you to take some time to become aware of Autism – learn more about it so we can all be more naturally accepting of it.

Autism Speaks Canada

Want some more information?  There are so many great resources online and organizations to help those with Autism or those who want to understand it better.  You can visit Autism Speaks Canada for some great information.

Thank you!


Mar 26 - Easter Bunny Helper

I wanted to share a little story about how we have fun at the North Pole with the Easter Bunny as we get ready for Easter!

Well, when it comes around to Easter time, Mr. Easter Bunny and some of his helpers come to Santa’s house to see if the elves and I have some time to help out a bit with Easter prep. The Easter Bunny and his team often reach out for help to go out early and plant the Easter eggs and other treats where ever they need them to go. He wants to make sure that all the children around the world will have a few Easter Eggs and treats to find on Easter morning.

Just like Christmas, it’s all about the Children and not about us!  It’s Called team work.  Just like when families stick together and make it all happen, no matter what we do it for or what the occasion is, we all work together to make it happen. Whats the old saying??? AHAAAAAAAAAAAA, I know! “ THE MORE THE MERRIER” – in anything that makes others happier. OR, we say, “Let A Little RAY of SUNSHINE into Your Heart.”

Well everyone, don’t forget on Easter morning: RISE and SHINE and look for your Easter eggs and treats! Don’t forget, it’s great family time!!


Santa and Mrs. Claus and the Elves

Jan 17 - Christmas is Passed, Here Comes Valentines Day!

Hi Kids!

Just wanted to let you all know that Santa, the elves, and the reindeer, are all rested up and getting ready for Valentines Day. It was a great Christmas and we all worked really hard! We loved all the treats everyone left out for the reindeer and Santa; it sure helped me make it through that special night. Remember, Christmas is real team work.

Now we have to get back to reality of work, school, chores and being one big happy family. The winter weather was a little bit easier on Santa and the reindeer for travelling, thanks to Frosty and Mr. Wind.

Hope everyone is happy with their Christmas gifts and don’t forget – it’s not all about what you got it’s the thought of giving. Ho Ho Hoooooooooooo!

Don’t forget you can send me a letter anytime! Time for bed for me!

Goodnight All!

Santa and Family.

Oct 27 - Halloween Is Here – Christmas is Next!

Hi Everyone!

Well it’s getting closer to Christmas every day! WE SURE ARE BUSY at the North Pole! Some of you have already written a wish list to me, thank you!  Keep ’em comin’! I have a general idea of what gifts everyone wants at this time, but we’ll wait to see who changes their mind. Then we’ll get ready to fill the Santa bag with all the things that people have asked for.

When I take my Telescope and look all around at every city, town and community at this time I see it is Halloween. I say to our elves up here that I hope they are ready to have fun at the end of October with all their different costumes! We already have a lot of snow at the North pole too, so we’ll have to use our sleigh and snow skidoos to get around in – maybe even a few dog sleighs. Snow makes it really fun to get around up here, all kinds of fun ways to travel.

And don’t forget: watch for Elf on the Shelf soon!!

Well Mrs. Claus wants to go shopping for some winter supplies so we’d better get a move on and get big elf to hitch up the sleigh. So the next time you see me you had better have my chocolate chip cookies and milk out – and don’t forget some carrots for the reindeer!

Thanks Everyone!


Oct 03 - Thanksgiving, Halloween and Remembrance Day – Oh my!

Hi Everyone!

Well here we go again, Thanksgiving is this weekend, and we’re also getting closer to Remembrance Day, a very important day in our history. BUT before Remembrance Day we have Halloween, a scary but fun time!! Candy, Costumes, and fire works to light up the sky. OH OH, we must remember to always be with our Mom, Dad, or an older family member in order to be safe and have a good time. Try not to worry about the scary stuff and enjoy the fun…and of course the candy!

Then when Halloween is done we are on to Christmas, the fun time for both young and Old! It’s a time of giving from the heart, as well as making special things that mean something to others. Remember in order for Santa to come in his Sleigh, he must first be in your heart.  You must believe in all the good things Santa stands for, and the all the good things he does to make people of all ages Happy.

Oh, are the elves ever busy with all these important holidays and getting ready for Christmas! Remember, you can send Santa a Christmas list any time, for you or for others!

Anyway everyone, time to get back to my chores. So be good and we’ll start seeing you in about 60 days as we Start the Christmas FUN! Don’t forget to visit me if you can when I’m in town!

Good bye for now,


Aug 14 - More than halfway through summer – Christmas prep is almost here!

Hello everyone, young and aging,

It’s now August 2017, and we are moving ever closer towards the the magic month of December, 2017. WOW! just imagine…It’s about the middle of November, when everything starts to come into place. Santa, Mrs.Claus, the elves, and all the reindeer, getting prepared for the magical night of December 24th. We’ll load up the sleigh, and make sure to finish delivering all the presents by the morning of December, 25, for everyone to open and be surprised! All my cookies (chocolate chip is my favourite!) and my favourite drink too – hot chocolate will have been drank and eaten by me of course, and the Broccoli and Carrots will have been polished off by the reindeer. I can almost smell the cookies in the oven already! Ahh!

But until then… you only have about 4 months left! So make sure that you be good and watch for Elf on the Shelf, who will be watching out for all the good and mischievous, things you do…you want to make sure the Elf only sees good things, right? Ho Ho HO!

Well time to start my looking for the elves and getting their lists ready, and chores complete, as it will SOON be time for them to get back to school classes too! We need to make sure we’re ready for that as well! Oh So much to do! On that note everyone, it’s time for Santa Claus to start HIS chores, so I must finish off this little note.

See you all SOON! Bye for now,