Mar 26 - Easter Bunny Helper

I wanted to share a little story about how we have fun at the North Pole with the Easter Bunny as we get ready for Easter!

Well, when it comes around to Easter time, Mr. Easter Bunny and some of his helpers come to Santa’s house to see if the elves and I have some time to help out a bit with Easter prep. The Easter Bunny and his team often reach out for help to go out early and plant the Easter eggs and other treats where ever they need them to go. He wants to make sure that all the children around the world will have a few Easter Eggs and treats to find on Easter morning.

Just like Christmas, it’s all about the Children and not about us!  It’s Called team work.  Just like when families stick together and make it all happen, no matter what we do it for or what the occasion is, we all work together to make it happen. Whats the old saying??? AHAAAAAAAAAAAA, I know! “ THE MORE THE MERRIER” – in anything that makes others happier. OR, we say, “Let A Little RAY of SUNSHINE into Your Heart.”

Well everyone, don’t forget on Easter morning: RISE and SHINE and look for your Easter eggs and treats! Don’t forget, it’s great family time!!


Santa and Mrs. Claus and the Elves

Jan 17 - Christmas is Passed, Here Comes Valentines Day!

Hi Kids!

Just wanted to let you all know that Santa, the elves, and the reindeer, are all rested up and getting ready for Valentines Day. It was a great Christmas and we all worked really hard! We loved all the treats everyone left out for the reindeer and Santa; it sure helped me make it through that special night. Remember, Christmas is real team work.

Now we have to get back to reality of work, school, chores and being one big happy family. The winter weather was a little bit easier on Santa and the reindeer for travelling, thanks to Frosty and Mr. Wind.

Hope everyone is happy with their Christmas gifts and don’t forget – it’s not all about what you got it’s the thought of giving. Ho Ho Hoooooooooooo!

Don’t forget you can send me a letter anytime! Time for bed for me!

Goodnight All!

Santa and Family.

Oct 27 - Halloween Is Here – Christmas is Next!

Hi Everyone!

Well it’s getting closer to Christmas every day! WE SURE ARE BUSY at the North Pole! Some of you have already written a wish list to me, thank you!  Keep ’em comin’! I have a general idea of what gifts everyone wants at this time, but we’ll wait to see who changes their mind. Then we’ll get ready to fill the Santa bag with all the things that people have asked for.

When I take my Telescope and look all around at every city, town and community at this time I see it is Halloween. I say to our elves up here that I hope they are ready to have fun at the end of October with all their different costumes! We already have a lot of snow at the North pole too, so we’ll have to use our sleigh and snow skidoos to get around in – maybe even a few dog sleighs. Snow makes it really fun to get around up here, all kinds of fun ways to travel.

And don’t forget: watch for Elf on the Shelf soon!!

Well Mrs. Claus wants to go shopping for some winter supplies so we’d better get a move on and get big elf to hitch up the sleigh. So the next time you see me you had better have my chocolate chip cookies and milk out – and don’t forget some carrots for the reindeer!

Thanks Everyone!


Oct 03 - Thanksgiving, Halloween and Remembrance Day – Oh my!

Hi Everyone!

Well here we go again, Thanksgiving is this weekend, and we’re also getting closer to Remembrance Day, a very important day in our history. BUT before Remembrance Day we have Halloween, a scary but fun time!! Candy, Costumes, and fire works to light up the sky. OH OH, we must remember to always be with our Mom, Dad, or an older family member in order to be safe and have a good time. Try not to worry about the scary stuff and enjoy the fun…and of course the candy!

Then when Halloween is done we are on to Christmas, the fun time for both young and Old! It’s a time of giving from the heart, as well as making special things that mean something to others. Remember in order for Santa to come in his Sleigh, he must first be in your heart.  You must believe in all the good things Santa stands for, and the all the good things he does to make people of all ages Happy.

Oh, are the elves ever busy with all these important holidays and getting ready for Christmas! Remember, you can send Santa a Christmas list any time, for you or for others!

Anyway everyone, time to get back to my chores. So be good and we’ll start seeing you in about 60 days as we Start the Christmas FUN! Don’t forget to visit me if you can when I’m in town!

Good bye for now,


Aug 14 - More than halfway through summer – Christmas prep is almost here!

Hello everyone, young and aging,

It’s now August 2017, and we are moving ever closer towards the the magic month of December, 2017. WOW! just imagine…It’s about the middle of November, when everything starts to come into place. Santa, Mrs.Claus, the elves, and all the reindeer, getting prepared for the magical night of December 24th. We’ll load up the sleigh, and make sure to finish delivering all the presents by the morning of December, 25, for everyone to open and be surprised! All my cookies (chocolate chip is my favourite!) and my favourite drink too – hot chocolate will have been drank and eaten by me of course, and the Broccoli and Carrots will have been polished off by the reindeer. I can almost smell the cookies in the oven already! Ahh!

But until then… you only have about 4 months left! So make sure that you be good and watch for Elf on the Shelf, who will be watching out for all the good and mischievous, things you do…you want to make sure the Elf only sees good things, right? Ho Ho HO!

Well time to start my looking for the elves and getting their lists ready, and chores complete, as it will SOON be time for them to get back to school classes too! We need to make sure we’re ready for that as well! Oh So much to do! On that note everyone, it’s time for Santa Claus to start HIS chores, so I must finish off this little note.

See you all SOON! Bye for now,


Jun 01 - School is Almost Done for the Year!

Well everyone young and old, it’s now June 2017 and all the elves are looking forward to some time away from school so that they can get ready for Christmas. So, on our agenda we have soccer games, camping, nature tours and swimming lessons. I believe we have almost the same things here at the North Pole as you do in your city and town. So all the elves are working hard at finishing their school work so by the end of June they will be ready to have some fun here just like you do there.

Our weather here is not as hot as your summer weather, but we can still play the same games that I told you about! But don’t you worry, the elves still have their chores to do even when they are out of school to make sure we’re ready for Christmas! We have quite a few new Elf-on-the-Shelf recruits this summer to help us for the Christmas months of November and December. We have to schedule them an area to watch and they will go through a training program soon.

Yes, we always have fun things going on so that work and play always seem like we are having a good time. We also have to train the new baby deer to know what to do on the ground and in the air – very important training for them to be ready to help Santa or Mrs. Claus! Oh my there is so much to do and I can Hear Mrs Claus calling us for supper now so have a wonderful summer, and we’ll talk in August.

Santa, Mrs. Claus, and all the elves

Apr 04 - Easter Reflections

Well everyone, here it is April, and (almost) everyone is getting ready for our friend, the Easter Bunny. The elves and I are making places for the Easter Bunny to hide his eggs when he comes here.  Hopefully all the snow should be gone by that time, and we can get on with Spring, and all the new Chores the warmer weather brings.

As you know it was a real heavy year of cool with lots and lots of snow. Well, we all know that snow makes water, and water helps things grow.  So we’re tending to our gardens, and keeping all the food for the reindeer growing well.  We have to make sure that we grow enough for them for the whole year in our short growing season!  Lots of grasses, nuts, berries and various vegetables.  A healthy diet to keep them strong for their hard work over Christmas.

So Lets make sure you are all getting ready for the Easter Bunny, with all your friends! Remember this is a time to make new friends and have fun. It is also a religious time that is an important time in our lives as we grow up and learn more about our journey in life. Remember, we are never to learn about life, or our Road ahead.

Ho Ho Ho!


Mar 07 - Santa update nearing Easter

Hello everyone,

Santa here, saying I hope all is well after your wonderful Christmas and Valentines Day. We at the North Pole have been busy getting everyone’s information on what they thought of last years toys and how we got them all delivered. The “Elf on the Shelf” team has been busy turning in their reports on what they all saw and heard from all the places they visited. It’s great to learn from them all that they were able to hear from all the children about what they had to say in regards to the gifts they wanted and received. They even had lots to share about the Moms, Dads, and Grandparents on how they Did at Christmas! Yes, everyone is important to Santa, Mrs. Claus and all the elves. And of course don’t forget you can drop us a letter anytime.

Just think, my friend the Easter Bunny will be coming soon! So lets get ready to do the Easter Egg Hunt and have lots of fun. Always remember, you are never too old to act young at heart and join in on the simple enjoyments of life!

Anyhow, all the elves are now doing their chores and going to school. They are also getting lots of play time in; hockey outside at our fun outdoor rink, and basketball in our gym here.  The exercise keeps us all happy and healthy so we can get all the work done we need to. Thinking about work…I have some chores coming up myself! Santa has got to get his book out and see what’s going on this year. I need to make sure the reindeer are being looked after so they will be strong and healthy when they need to pull my sleigh. I need them to make sure I can get all the supplies to build this year’s toys!

I should probably head off and do that now while it’s top of mind!

Have a great time this Easter everyone!

Talk to you later,


Oct 04 - Halloween soon – and Christmas just around the corner!

Hello Everyone!

Well here it is October already, and Halloween is on the way. So like everyone else, the elves have to get their costumes and get into the spirit of having a scary good time. Some of the older elves will be Taking their turn and giving out treats to the ghosts that knock at the door. But, before they can have fun trick-or-treating, or other Halloween celebrations, they have to take care of their chores – and then they can party.

We have Snow up at the North Pole now so we use snow shoes, skis and sleighs to get around. But don’t worry, we don’t have fireworks, as we don’t want any one to get hurt! But we have the next best thing –  the Northern Lights. It’s really beautiful and an even better show than fireworks!  They flash and move all around us, it’s so great to see them dancing in the sky. you can learn about them by looking them up on your computer.

Also, don’t forget to have your parents check your Halloween loot (All the yummy candies, and cool items) for spoils or whatever.

Oh my goodness there is so much to do!  And you know the big day is coming near??  Christmas Day is coming up fast! HA HA HO HO. You can start sending your lists anytime and let me know what is your favorite, and means the most to you, as you get 3 important choices, to help Santa deliver what he has for you.

See you soon!


Sep 01 - School is Just Around the Corner!

Hey everyone this is Santa and I’m just letting you know that Summer is coming to an end and School is just around the corner! Time for you to go and meet your new Teacher, and Just like Santa and the Elves, make new friends.

I hope That You All, Like Santa And the Elves, have had a great time doing different things and going different places on your School break. Now we all have to settle down to getting our chores done, going to school and helping our good neighbours. Yes we are all back to new, regular, and helpful things.

Now’s the time to think ahead to thanksgiving, Halloween, and then ME! SANTA! And ALL the good time these things bring! Ho Ho Ho! Did you know the day time starts to get shorter now, the sun is setting earlier each day, and we are getting closer and closer to the end of the calendar year. Before you know it we’ll be making our lists and re-teaching our pets to walk in the rain, cold and fog. Don’t forget to look after them by doing all the things to keep them safe, warm, and let them know you love them! Taking good care of your pets is one of the many things that you can do to stay on my “good” list!

Well I’ve got to make out my own lists – lists of working with the Elves, helping teach elf school, showing them what good toys they have to work on, making sure they dress and are at school on time too. Yes BOYS and GIRLS, there is always so much to do here, all year round.  The elves have to go to school too!

So remember, let’s be good to all and do our best when we do something, for ourselves or others. Oh here comes Mrs. Claus, got to go and help!

Bye for now,